Don’t Let Your Tools Sit in the Shed

GILB-Eblast-Issue3Tools — no matter how well-crafted — only earn their worth when they’re out of the tool shed. Yet, in any given business today, it’s common to find pertinent collateral materials tucked away in a storage closet, or valuable online information buried deep within a Web site.

The answer is simply to let people know they’re there.

Over the last year, Gilbreath Communications, Inc. has been producing light-hearted internal communications for Workforce Solutions to offer quick and timely reminders to staff. To get the staff’s attention, the campaign uses funny cartoons in bimonthly e-blasts and breakroom posters.

The various topics inform and encourage employees to utilize existing printed materials and online resources when serving customers. In other words, to frequently go to the “tool shed.”

With the easy visual reminders, staff members remember to use materials to arm them with answers and helpful information, and Workforce Solutions gets a consistent message out to the public.